Basic Instruction

This article simply describes how to change your MikroTik hotspot login page template. Before you begin, make sure you already have:
  1. Winbox.exe
    This is an GUI application to connect and manage your MikroTik RouterBoardOS from Windows. You may download the most updated Winbox here.
  2. MikroTik Template
    You can download our MikroTik templates collection to replace your default MikroTik hotspot login page template.
Then now you can start the process by double-clicking 'winbox.exe' to execute it. This window will appear:
Login using your MikroTik RouterBoardOS admin account, and click 'Connect' button. If succeed, this window will appear:
Click 'Files' in the left menu (signed with number 1) and it will show you folder that containing MikroTik template folder named 'hotspot' (signed with number 2). Click 'hotspot' folder to select it with the entire containing files/folders, and you can delete that folder by clicking 'delete' button (signed with number 3).
Extract your new MikroTik template you've downloaded and rename the folder to 'hotspot'.
Simply drag-and-drop 'hotspot' template folder from your computer to 'Files' folder on RouterBoardOS via Winbox. Wait for a minute to let Winbox completing uploading 'hotspot' folder to RouterBoardOS's 'Files' folder.
Finish. Test your hotspot login page now.


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